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About Consistory

The offices of elder and deacon are brought together in consistory. This gathering of officers is the governing body of the local congregation and is chosen periodically from the membership of the congregation. It is in charge of all the spiritual and temporal affairs of the church. The consistory meets to plan and guide the various matters relating to the welfare of the congregation.

Elders are not ministers, but, to quote from a very old Reformed document, they are the "hands and eyes" of the minister in each congregation. Their duty is to assist the ministers in the guidance of the spiritual life of the congregation. Our current elders are Raymond Algera, Joan Boersma, Kerry Kruger and Darryl Westervelt

The duties or responsibilities of the deacons is the benevolences (financials) of the church, both in the church and beyond its bounds through serving the poor and sharing mercy. Our present deacons are  Richard Chin and Calvin Sookermany.

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